Frequently Asked Questions

The better place to order quality product online with great prices and warranty all across Sri Lanka.

Where Is the electronic parts online store in Sri Lanka? online store is best for buying electronic parts.

If I request some custom electronic parts from

Yes, you can request your order from their (contact us) page.

How can I request my custom part?

You can request by filling the request item form on the contact us page below.

How can I find what I want?

You can select some categories from the main category page. if you know your item category.

Can I type my keyword in the search bar?

Yes, you can type your item there, if you know the item number or name.


Are there batteries on this site?

Yes, you can find out any battery you want.

I need a 6-volt, 7-ampere battery for my kid’s toy car

Yes, they have, go to the batteries and accessories category or type your item on the product search bar.


Oh..! lost my TV remote control…where is the best place for buying remote controls?

The better place is to buy a new remote control.

how can I find my remote control from

Type your remote control brand on the product search bar and press enter button, after will appear your brand on the screen.

I need some Arduino modules for my school project. where can I find it?

you can find the Arduino modules on’s Arduino module category section.

I need a raspberry pi4 development board too.

It is on the same ctegory

my stand fan is broken, my fan motor was burned by hi-voltage…

Don’t worry go to the motors and accessories category and choose your fan’s motor.



I am near to store outlet…

You can visit their stores and get a 10% discount on all products.

How can I go there?

Click the get direction button then Google Maps guides you to the store location. 

I need to contact…

Visit their (contact us) page and fill the contact form, they will reply to you in about an hour.

How can get a warranty for my purchase item?

Go to the’s (contact us) page then close the pop-up window. then fill the form at the beginning of the page.

What should I do?

You should upload your item’s image and the invoice you have, for the warranty. cart0
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