433mhz cc1101 wireless module
High sensitivity (–111 dBm at 1.2k Baud, 868 MHz, 1% packet error rate)
Low current consumption (14.7 mA in RX, 1.2k Baud, 868 MHz)
Programmable output power up to +10 dBm for all supported frequencies
Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking performance
Programmable data rate from 1.2 to 500k Baud
Frequency bands: 300-348 MHz, 387-46 MHz, and 779-928 MHz

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Analog Features
2-FSK, GFSK, and MSK supported as well as OOK and flexible ASK shaping
Suitable for frequency hopping systems due to a fast settling frequency synthesizer: 90us settling time
Automatic Frequency Compensation (AFC) can be used to align the frequency synthesizer to the received center frequency
Integrated analog temperature sensor

Digital Features
Flexible support for packet-oriented systems: On-chip support for sync word detection, address check,
the flexible packet length, and automatic CRC handling
Efficient SPI interface: All registers can be programmed with one “burst” transfer
Digital RSSI output
The programmable channel filter bandwidth
Programmable Carrier Sense (CS) indicator
Programmable Preamble Quality Indicator (PQI) for improved protection against false sync word detection in random noise
Support for automatic Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) before transmitting (for listen-before-talk systems)
Support for per-package Link Quality Indication (LQI)
Optional automatic whitening and de-whitening of data


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